Pasture Perfect

In 1997, Ampac Seed Company launched its popular Pasture Perfect line-up of improved forage mixes and blends. They began testing mixes and blends in university grazing and hay trials to see how the products would perform over a three to five year time period. Mixes were also planted in multiple on-farm trials with co-operative producers having university extension oversight. The goal was simple; to have data on mixes producers were planting and also to test mixes with new varieties to see how yields, palatability, grazing tolerance, persistence, and most of all, profitability could be improved. New varieties are constantly researched to find those that will enhance the producer’s profitability with the Pasture Perfect line-up.

CISCO has taken the vast amount of research conducted by Ampac and has adapted mixes to best suite our local climate. You will not find these mixes anywhere, other than CISCO. Consult the chart below to determine the mix that is right for you and contact us at 1-800-888-2986 to find the dealer nearest you.

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